Zoë is an artist living and working in Bath, UK. Currently realising representational figurative sculpture.

She is the co-founder of Bath Sculpture Loop.


2013.  MFA, New York Academy of Art, New York.

2011.  BTEC, Ceramics; Design and Practice.  City and Islington College, London.

2009.  MTI Holistic Massage Diploma, Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, Bristol.

2007-2009. Metalwork. City Lit. London.

2005.  BAFA. Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London.

2004-2010. Various workshops. The Princes Drawing School. London.

2003.  Residency. The International School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, Umbria, Italy.


2017. Co-Founded Bath Sculpture Loop, Bath, England.

2014. Teaching Assistant, Stone Carving Workshop, New York Academy of Art, New York.

2014. Teaching Assistant, Comparative Anatomy, and Sculpture IV, New York Academy of Art, New York.

2013-2014.  Sculpture studio assistant. Monica Cook Studio, New York.

2013.  Sculpture studio assistant. Figuration Studio, New York.

2012.  Sculpture Internship. Judy Fox Studio, New York.

New York Arts Foundry, New York.

Sculpture department, New York Academy of Art, NY.

2005-11.  Self Employed; Artist, Masseuse and Bodyworker, and Woman and Van,    London, UK.


2017. Bear Flat Art Trail, Bath, England.

2015. Forensic Reconstruction with Joe Mullins, New York.

2014.  Horizons, Marquee Gallery, New London, CT

2014.  Carrara Residency Exhibition, New York Academy of Art, New York.

2014.  ‘Unveiling’, ABC Worldwide Stone, Brooklyn, New York.

2013.  ‘A Mountain of Miniatures’. New York Academy of Art, New York.

2012.  ‘Eye, Mind Hand’, New York Academy of Art, New York.

‘Deck the Walls’, New York Academy of Art, New York.

2010.  ‘The Freaks Exhibition’, Shoreditch Town Hall Basement Gallery, London.

‘Unchartered’, Pattern Cutters Gallery, London.

2006.  Nolias Gallery, Southwark, London.


2012.  ‘Heads’. New York Academy of Art. New York

2005 – 2006. Narmada Solidarity UK. Fundraising and Awareness events in London in support       of Narmada Bachao Andolan, India.


2014.  Walter & Michael Lantz Prize, The National Competition for Figurative Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens, SC

2013.  Edward Fenno Hoffman Prize, The National Competition for Figurative Sculpture, New York Academy of Art, NY.

2013.  Merit Award and Carrara Residency, Italy. From The New York Academy of Art, NY.

  1. The Prince of Wales Scholarship, New York Academy of Art, New York.



Artist Statement.

Vectors fascinate me. Studying movements in water, wind or fire and their chaotic exchange of energy, expressed through ever tightening and loosening spirals moving through time, helps me to understand the transferal of energy through our muscles and in turn our bodies. When I create a work, I imagine this helical energy flowing through the piece and what may be happening before or after the moment I capture. I use this to evoke a feeling of movement and time. A life before and after. Celebrating the individuality of a model I use is, I believe, what makes a sculpture so stimulating. However I always strive for the figures I create to somehow be more than a mimesis of a natural being. I love to sculpt people from life and from my imagination. I aim to celebrate individuality and explore relationships between and within a figure in combination with the gestures and somatotypes used to incorporate and personify my thoughts.

Having a background in sports science and training as a massage therapist and bodyworker, my study of anatomy culminates through sculptures. I am interested in the connections we make within our body: for example trauma and memory through tensions; emotion and instinct through dynamism.

I see Art as a visual communication of my understanding of this world. I believe Art and Science to be integral to developing our understanding as a species and advancing humanity.